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The SPEECHDIAL Dialer is a Preview Dialing System, makes outbound calls from a call list and proposes the call record to an agent. The agent has complete control over the dialing process and can inform the phone system if and when the calls to be placed. Additionally, the agent gets time for contact preview, manage the call notes and history as well as prioritize the contacts. SpeechDial has the capability to integrate with market leading telephony platforms and with Customer Database systems. This product is customizable to meet critical business requirements of any enterprise.

  • Preview Dialing system which can be integrated with Custom software
  • Campaigns can be uploaded as excel or CSV file
  • SpeechDial supports custom integrations with third party Databases to read Dial list and Managing Dial lists or campaigns.
  • Dial outcomes can be made available to third party applications or CRM through APIs or through Database integrations.
  • Powerful reports for frequent analysis of Campaigns
  • Real time monitoring and flexible user friendly campaign management.