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Stand-alone call recording solution for SMBs

  • 1U Rack mountable, Web-based administration.
  • Working on Linux platform.
  • Simultaneous recording for up to 24 analog channels.
  • Caller ID reception.
  • User Identity Management.

VoiceNote Recording Server is stand-alone call recording solutions for small or mediumscalability application in analog network. This server possesses web-based interface feature for users to configure logging modes and search logging files, so they could set up audio monitoring system effortlessly in any (analog) network environment


The AVN2400 series recording servers support continuous 24-hour independent recording of analog calls, saving call records and audio files in the hard disk. Each call record includes the start time and the end time, phone numbers of the two parties, call length, station information, channel number, etc. They support online management, that is, allow users to do such operations as modify configurations, view real-time status, query recording files, backup files, through WEB. AVN 2400 series has three modules, AVN2400-8, AVN2400-16 and AVN2400-24, containing 8, 16, 24 channels respectively.

Feature List

  • Powerful web based Graphical User Interface and reports engine
  • Multiple Search Parameters- Query items include channel number, caller number, called number, recording time, recording length, call direction, call type‚Ķ
  • Real time Call Monitoring for the privileged users.
  • Statistical Report provides multiple terms and term combinations for recording inquiry and statistics
  • Query results can be exported to Excel
  • Maintenance of true fidelity of speech
  • Automatic Gain control
  • Supports Number Filtering, Station Management, Customer Management
  • Recording Backup, Database Management
  • Alarms & Alerts
  • Multiple security levels / User management

Deployment architecture of the proposed Solution: